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Surin, A Famous Elephant Capital in Thailand

Surin, located in the northeast of Thailand, has been known as the "Hometown of Elephants" since ancient times because of its abundance of elephants. In many areas, households have raised elephants in captivity, and this has become the main venue for elephant training.

The Surin people live in the Elephant Village on Surin 214 Highway. They are well-known elephant hunters, elephant training, and elephant raisers. In the Elephant Museum here, you can see an entire elephant skeleton, tools for catching elephants, techniques for raising elephants, and the history of elephants in Surin. This is the hometown of elephants. Asian elephants that have been born are distributed in South Asia and Southeast Asia, and domestic elephants will live in various countries in the Lancang Mekong River basin after domestication. Among them, Surin Province in eastern Thailand is the famous hometown of elephants. In the Elephant Village of Surin Province, people have inherited the memory of elephants for hundreds of years. Many people have elephants kept under their small buildings. His life also revolves around elephants.

In the past, the Surin people didn't have to pay taxes to the country, they only needed to provide the king with elephants for war. Wild elephants mainly live in the jungles on the border between Thailand and Cambodia. When the elephant-catching warriors in the village want to go out, a respected elephant trainer in the village will perform a sacrificial ritual. This sacrificial ritual will herald Will this trip to capture elephants be successful? Now the Thai government has not allowed elephant hunting for 50 years, so this sacrificial ceremony for elephant hunting has become a part of the tour of the elephant village. Every November, Surin holds an Elephant Festival celebration, which attracts a large number of tourists to participate.