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Krabi, an Emerging Senior Resort & Retirement Choice

Why choose Krabi?

The scenic Krabi is located in the southern Andaman coast of Thailand, with beloved beaches, warm waters, beautiful countryside, national parks and more than 30 offshore islands. The town of Krabi is separated from Pangga Bay, facing away from Phuket to the west. The two places are not far apart, and it only takes 2 hours by car or boat. Although there are many tourist attractions in the two places, Phuket is like a lady who wears gold and jade, while Krabi is like a fresh and refined village girl. What is rare is that the surrounding scenic spots are rich and concentrated, and the convenient transportation is a good place for tourism and vacation. Krabi is very close to the rural areas of Thailand. After more and more tourists come to Krabi, they are deeply attracted by its peaceful beauty, so the expatriate community gradually thrives. If you decide to stay in Thailand for retirement, then Krabi is a good choice.

Krabi is the least damaged province of all coastal areas in Thailand. Krabi Town is its administrative center, and Ao nang Beach is the most popular and earliest developed beach resort. The area was first discovered by backpackers and has now developed into a western-style tourist destination with a high-end market. The southwest of Krabi faces the Andaman Sea, where you can see steep, outcropping rock formations, white and soft beaches, palm trees swaying in the wind, waterfalls flowing endlessly, and long-tail boats dotted with the sea. There is poetry and picturesque everywhere here, and it is beautiful. Living in Krabi is far away from endless shopping malls, supermarkets and other modern prosperity. Of course, there are still some shopping malls to meet people’s daily needs.

For investment in apartments in Krabi, most of them are investments in lifestyle, mainly resort-type investments, which can both increase value and bring substantial rental returns. It is a very good investment.


The Elder Policy

Foreigners who have reached the age of 50 can apply for retirement residence in Thailand. (have 800,000 baht deposit in local bank)

The application conditions are as follows:

  1. Foreigners over 50 years old
  2. Personal bank account must have a deposit of 3 million baht or more

(Before applying for a visa, it must be stored in the bank for at least one year) or have a monthly income of 100,000 baht.

  1. A one-year medical insurance must be purchased

(Medical insurance of no less than USD 1,000 per year; if it is a patient, medical insurance of no less than USD 10,000 per year is required)

  1. Applicants must report to the Thai Immigration Bureau every 90 days;
  2. You also need to apply for a temporary stay from the Thai consulate abroad or enter Thailand with another visa. After the stay period, you can change to a long-term pension visa.