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A New Land Port Construction in Khon Kaen - Long-term Investment Opportunity!

As the geographic center of the northeast, Khon Kaen is also the place where the China-Thailand high-speed rail meets, and is uniquely strategically located. With the advancement of the construction of the China-Thailand high-speed railway, the location advantage of Khon Kaen's economic development will become more obvious.

Under the influence of the COVID-19, Thailand, like other countries in the world, has suffered heavy losses in its national economy. However, the Thai government has not lay flat, but is looking for a glimmer of economic recovery in the dark. Some positive actions of the Thai government in the railway industry, such as the start of the construction of the China-Thailand railway, the development of Thailand’s own independent railway system industry, the positive preparations for the completion of the China-Laos railway, the construction of dry ports along the China-Laos-Thailand railway, the revision and improvement of Thailand The railway law is a positive signal to boost Thailand's economy as the epidemic is severely spreading.

Thailand is actively implementing the development of dry port construction and plans to invest 2.2 billion baht to build an inland dry port covering an area of 600rai in Khon Kaen. As an international freight logistics center for the Greater Northeast region, it is expected to be completed and put into commercial use as early as 2025.

According to the overall development plan for land ports of the Port Authority, in addition to the construction of dry ports in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), the construction of land ports in the two large provinces of Khon Kaen and Nakhon Ratchasima in the northeast is also considered. Khon Kaen Priority has been mentioned above.

The Khon Kaen inland port currently initially planned by the Port Authority should cover an area of 600 rai, and the total investment is expected to be 2.2 billion baht, which will be carried out in three stages. The first is the planned investment of 1 billion baht in the first ten-year period, which is part of the northeastern land port of the Port Authority, which is partly used for logistics and transshipment services; In the second ten years, an additional investment of 600 million baht will be made to expand the land port area to 474 rai; In the third decade, another 600 million baht will be invested to complete the overall upgrade of the Khon Kaen land port.

The construction of land ports on land in Khon Kaen and Nakhon Ratchasima is positively optimistic by industry insiders, who believe that this is a positive overflow for the construction of the China-Laos-Thailand high-speed railway and is a supporting project for the construction of the China-Thailand railway. As a regional land port facing the northeast, it must take into account many factors. Use international channels to connect land port cargo with ports such as China and Laos, and strengthen cross-border trade cooperation. It is not only about creating and improving local businesses. The environment also lies in the fact that the local and even the entire Thailand's goods trade has become more efficient, faster and more convenient with the completion of the China-Laos-Thailand Railway.

The China-Thailand Railway is the flagship project of the high-quality joint construction of the “Belt and Road” between the two countries. After its opening, it will facilitate the trade between the two countries. By then, Thailand will no longer be a tourist destination, and it may become a popular investment destination. Become a sought-after home country for the elderly. Investment opportunities are usually given to forward-looking people. Thailand develops its own railway system industry, which releases a very significant investment information and investment opportunities for overseas investors. Investors should seize this rare opportunity. Opportunity, now is the best time!